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Breaking News: Biden Elected as New U.S. President

After winning the electoral college by receiving a majority of votes in the state of Pennsylvania, a winner is finally projected in the U.S. election. Three states have yet to declare who their majority winner is. However, even if these three states fell to current president Donald Trump, he would still not have enough votes to win the election. Although the media has declared former vice president Joe Biden as the winner, Trump has yet to concede that he has lost the election. It is expected that many legal battles waged by the Trump campaign will ensue in order to determine that the election was legitimate. Major news sources confirm that there is currently no substantial evidence of voter fraud, even as President Trump posts repeatedly on Twitter about “bad things” happening during the counting of votes. The majority of people in the United States, those who voted for Biden, are looking forward to change, but the nation remains heavily divided as a large number of Trump supporters grapple with the loss of a president who has defied tradition during the past 4 years.

Key Terms

  1. Electoral college

  2. Concede

  3. Voter fraud

Key Questions

  1. Why do you think that President Trump has yet to acknowledge that he has lost the election?

  2. How do you think the United States will be the same or different under the new president Joe Biden?

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