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India investigates strange disease causing mass seizures

Indian officials are investigating a mysterious disease called "Eluru syndrome" which has left nearly 300 people hospitalised with convulsions, unconsciousness, and one death. This "strange disease" broke out in the city of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh state, in south-east India over the weekend. 117 people were released from the hospital after recovering, but one died while in hospital treatment.

Doctors at the hospital were very confused with the strange disease, when all patients had negative results for COVID-19. An expert group from the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) went to the hospital, collected blood samples of the victims for testing. According to MP Narasimha Rao, AIIMS experts believe that organic chlorine from mosquito spray is likely to be the cause, but this information has not been confirmed. Eluru Hospital has prepared more than 100 hospital beds in case the hospitalisation increases. Investigators are waiting for the results of the culture test and the E-Coli test. Andhra Pradesh State Premier visited the victims this week. The Andhra Pradesh State Governor also expressed concern about this phenomenon, asking local authorities to investigate.

Key Terms

  1. disease

  2. syndrome

  3. hospitalised

  4. blood samples

  5. investigate

Key Questions

  1. How do you think this disease may impact the people of Eluru?

  2. Do you think the Eluru local authority has a responsibility to report this disease to the global community? In hindsight, should authorities in Wuhan, China, have alerted the global community about the severity of Coronavirus?

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