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Migrants in Bosnia-Herzegovina in desperate need of shelter from freezing conditions

For thousands of migrants living in camps in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the freezing temperatures and snowy conditions are life-threatening. The UN has warned that these groups are in urgent need of proper shelter.

Last month, there was a fire in the temporary camp housing many of these migrants. This left people without shelter and many sleeping on the streets or in unheated tents. Many people working for migrants in aid organisations say that the camps in Bosnia-Herzegovina are unsustainable because they lack electricity and water.

The Institute of Migration estimates that there are around 8,500 non-European Union migrants in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Many of these are coming from South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Key words:

  1. life-threatening

  2. shelter

  3. unsustainable

  4. European Union

Key questions:

  1. Why do you think these people are moving away from their homes?

  2. What is the government in Bosnia-Herzegovina doing to help these migrants? Should they do more?

  3. Should the European Union take on more responsibility to help refugees and migrants who are trying to enter?

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