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Mystery of the Monolith

In a remote part of Utah, rangers flying around the area noticed a mysterious structure. When they descended to the ground, it turned out that it was a metal monolith about three meters high sunken into the ground. Helicopter pilot, Bret Hutchings, told a local news channel: “It was the strangest thing I found there in all my years flying. I guess it's some new wave artist or a big fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey".

The metal monolith found in the Utah desert disappeared a few days later. There was only a notch in the ground and a triangular structural detail in its place. It is still unknown where the structure came from. The most popular theory is that it could be an object of contemporary art by an unknown artist.

In Romania, a mysterious metal monolith was found, similar to the one that was discovered in Utah. The Romanian structure was discovered near the town of Piatra Neamt, a few meters from the ruins of the Petrodava fortress, built in the first century AD. One side faces the most famous Romanian mountain Chahleu, which locals call "Sacred". Similar structures have also been found in the UK and California.

It is still a mystery how these monoliths appeared and disappeared...

Key terms

  1. Monolith

  2. Appear / Disappear

  3. Discover

  4. Structure

Key questions

  1. Where do you think these monoliths have come from?

  2. Where do you think it will appear next time?

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