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Nuclear Weapons become illegal under international law

On 22nd January 2021, the production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons became illegal under international law. Honduras became the 50th country to sign the United Nations treaty.

Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, said in a statement: “Today is a victory for humanity, and a promise of a safer future.”

However, some countries have not signed the treaty. This includes states which have declared they have nuclear weapons, such as the US, Britain, France and China. Activists hope that the treaty will urge these countries to change.

To celebrate this day, a group of researchers in peace education at the University of Cambridge have created a website to provide daily activities for children. The themes of these activities are:

  • inner peace

  • global peace

  • peace in communities

  • peace and our planet

  • peace, friends and family

  • peace and justice

Click here to take a look at the activities on offer!

Key words

Nuclear weapons





Key question

  1. Why do you think some countries did not sign the treaty?

  2. Do you think all countries should be forced to give up nuclear weapons?

  3. How do you think young people can help to make the world more peaceful?

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